What is one to do on a weekend that’s supposed to be celebrating life when death seems to have the upper hand?

I’m dyeing Easter eggs with my son when I hear about the dying of innocent ones in the Brussels attacks.

I’m baking cookies in the shape of butterflies and chicks – symbols of new life – as I read about a 2-year old’s body found lifeless after a 5-day search.

I’m anticipating Easter dinner celebrations with family as I remember numerous friends of mine whose family celebrations have been rendered impossible because of parents battling cancer.

Not everybody is ready to rush to the resurrection. 

For many, Sunday hasn’t come yet.

The Bible says,

There is a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance. (Ecc. 3:4)

In the historical events of Holy Week, Saturday was the day to weep, the time to mourn. Jesus’ friends, followers, and even His own mother had to come to grips with the fact that He was DEAD.

I assume that when they woke up on Saturday morning (if they even slept that night at all!) there was first of all shock at the events of the previous day – horrific beatings, an unfair trial. And then there was disbelief. Could it really be? Their Teacher, their Miracle-worker, their Healer and the One who challenged their oppressors – dead? Then the grief must have hit. Life was never going to be the same without Jesus, and now even all of the memories of Him seemed worthless because there He was, lying motionless and powerless in the grave.

Friends, I know some of you are struggling this Easter season with those same emotions of shock, disbelief and grief. And while I’m tempted to proclaim to you “Sunday is coming!” and “God has a plan!”, I don’t want to undermine the darkness that you may be walking through.


The German worship leader Albert Frey wrote a song called Zwischen Himmel Und Erde (“Between Heaven and Earth”). It’s a beautiful summary of the “in-between time” that is Easter Saturday, and the bigger gap between heaven and earth where we find ourselves crying out with the earth for full redemption. Though the lyrics flow much better in German, I’ve given my best shot at a loose translation because I find the song has an encouraging message for those living in a “Saturday.” I pray you are reminded that God knows what you are walking through, and that you don’t need to wait for “the light at the end of the tunnel” because he’s with you NOW, even in the tunnel.

(Email subscribers, you can listen to the song by clicking here.)

There is a split between heaven and earth

and a battle between light and darkness

in this in-between time.

We are here in between heaven and earth

and that which we don’t want is what we do

in this in-between time.

Here in this world but not from the world

We belong to you and yet we’re still here.

You hang there between heaven and earth

Left all alone by man and God

Where the wooden beams cross is the place

where heaven and earth meet in you

on the cross.

Between heaven and earth we suffer,

broken on our way to you

in this in-between time.

Between heaven and earth there is a path

You yourself are the bridge and the way

in this in-between time.

Between heaven and earth we stand

We enter into this gap with you

in this in-between time.

One day you will make heaven and earth new

yet your Kingdom is already here and you are faithful

in this in-between time.

If you are currently feeling caught in an “in between time,” feel free to leave a comment below and I’d love to pray for you.


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