I half-apologize for the silence on my blog lately. Not really, though, because things haven’t been all that silent in our home…

Two weeks ago our little girl surprised us with her arrival!


Jael was born on January 12 at 12:47pm, after a very short and uncomplicated labor. I want to share a bit of our story as a testimony of God’s goodness and answered prayer.

Though she came 3 weeks early, it was God’s perfect timing. Two days before her birth my husband and I attended a Christian pre-natal class called “Supernatural Birth.” We were encouraged that God wants to be involved in childbirth and that the whole areas of pregnancy, delivery, and raising children are opportunities for us as families to encounter Him and reflect His glory. Our faith was built up as we prayed specifically for a number of things:

  • that I wouldn’t go into labor at night
  • that our older son would be well taken care of while we were gone
  • that it would go quickly (with my son I was in labor for 18 hours)
  • that I would have the physical and mental strength to be engaged and alert the whole time and be able to enjoy the experience (because of some complications after giving birth to my son I am unfortunately not able to remember the first couple of days with him)
  • that our son would adapt well, being loving and gentle with the baby and not jealous

God is so good! I say that not only because things went smoothly for us. I know He would have been just as present and just as faithful had we run into complications again. But our lives have changed drastically in the last 2 weeks, and if there is one thing God is showing me it’s this:

the little things matter to Him! 

Everything that we prayed (and wished) for was fulfilled. After waking up in the morning with cramps, I finished up some stuff around the house for a couple of hours while having light contractions. Once they got really strong I remained at home for about an hour, at which point my husband then (lovingly) forced me into the car and we headed to the hospital. Upon arrival a midwife checked me out, and to my surprise said that I was already fully dilated and could push with the next contraction. After only 20 minutes Jael was born!

What a miracle.

I stayed in the hospital with her for 3 nights, and we ended up having a great big “family room” all to ourselves. I wanted to have a private room since it’s more comfortable and less stressful, but I never specifically prayed about it or mentioned it to anyone. God simply orchestrated it that way just because 🙂

We arrived home to a bit of chaos since bathroom renovations were underway, and a few unexpected problems arose. Our heaters stopped working and the sewage pipes were blocked. Not exactly the relaxed, welcome-home-atmosphere you wish for with a newborn. But we knew that the same God who answered our prayers regarding delivery could provide solutions for this as well.

My husband said it felt weird to pray about these “problems”, when we have millions of brothers and sisters all around the world who are literally fighting for their lives and dealing with persecution, war, famine.

What is a broken heater in comparison to a broken home, or no home at all?

For some reason we are quick to bring matters of “death” before the Lord, but we are hesitant with matters of “life.” 

A disease quickly spreading, a natural disaster, a crisis – we don’t doubt that those things matter to God. But Jesus said that He came to bring abundant life (John 10:10), and that means that He is prepared to assist us with anything that tries to steal, kill, or destroy that life. 

We are invited in 1 Peter 5:7 to


All of our worries…because He cares.

Nothing is too small…because He cares.

The heaters and sewage ended up being easily fixed.

My brother-in-law has been around for the last 2 weeks helping speed up the renovations a bit.

And our son is IN LOVE with his baby sister!


God has demonstrated His care in the midst of these changes in our lives this past little while.

I am inviting you, friends, to cast whatever anxiety you may be carrying today on Him, because He cares for YOU. Deeply.


6 Responses to Why the Little Things Matter to God

  1. Rebekah says:

    Kristyn!! I’m so happy that all went well!! I love you & your little family so much!! She’s absolutely precious, and I can’t wait to see the mighty woman of God come out in her as she gets older! 💚

  2. Rachael says:

    So so so beautiful and true! My birth with Eowyn was so similar and I always feel silly answering the how was your labour question with- amazing!! I’m so glad that this is your story with Jael after all you have gone through. Love you four!

    • Kristyn Mogler says:

      Yes, we women should be encouraging each other with positive stories and not feel ashamed when we don’t encounter difficulty (how backwards is that anyway?!)

      Love you too!

  3. Corina says:

    Where do they offer the Supernatural birth classes?

    • Kristyn Mogler says:

      The ministry we work with here (Passion) knew of a Christian midwife in Switzerland who offers them, so they brought her to our region for a day to offer a class for us since there are currently so many young families / expecting women.

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